Our Austin Drag Dance Workshop was Turnt!

Laganja Estranja RuPauls Drag Race Season 6 Drag Dance Workshop Austin International Drag Festival

Austin DragFest was too fun for words! Imagine an entire hotel full of drag queens, fans and professionals! And then an entire downtown full of bars full of drag queens, etc! It was beyond evraythang!


Jeffree Star and Laganja Estranja Makeup Video – Get Ready for Fun!

Jeffree Star cosmetics Laganja Estranja Get Ready Makeup video drag rupauls drag race season 6 haus of edwards team too much

“I have painted in hotel rooms. I have painted in gay clubs…in linen closets. But never have I ever had to paint with a handheld mirror!”

Laganja Estranja and cosmetics sensation / musician Jeffree Star recently teamed up for a charming makeup kiki. Filming at Jeffree’s new house, the two completed side-by-side paint ups, comparing methods and materials, all while wielding handheld mirrors worthy of any Disney princess. Jeffree’s definitely on the high end range of product and care while Ganja waves her ratch flag proudly.


Laganja Estranja’s Hot Box: Who Wants an EXCLUSIVE Peek at her Video Costumes?

Laganja Estranjas Hot Box RuPauls Drag Race Season 6 VMAs dragqueen

It’s Time To Sneak Inside Laganja Estranja’s Hot Box!

Buds here is your Lets Get Sickening EXCLUSIVE preview of Laganja Estranja’s costumes for her new “Hot Box” music video! The costumes are designed by James Dii Clothing and are, of course HOT and sickening! And also quite cute! Who wouldn’t want to wear that cute skirt and crop top combo! Love the fabric dahhhling!


Laganja Estranja: Working with Miley Cyrus Was a Dream Come True!

Miley Cyrus laganja Estranja WEB SQ VMAs afterparty mtv rupauls drag race drag queen new watermark

“I am so grateful I got to be around her creative and loving energy. My soul is healed after working with her.”

Laganja Estranja, a.k.a. professional dancer and choreographer Jay Jackson, worked for weeks alongside Miley Cyrus and her creative team to develop, choreograph, teach and lead a surprise finale for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.


Laganja Estranja Gave Me LIFE – Literally!


“I know this will sound crazy but Laganja Estranja helped me recover from my meth addiction and she doesn’t even know it.” – Anonymous

Laganja has impacted so many peoples’ lives. From the caring attention she pays to the admirers she calls her “Buds,” to her open sharing of her struggles with alcohol and drugs and her subsequent recovery. This phoenix has given LIFE to so many fans struggling with one challenge or another.


Photographer Scotty Kirby gets Green with Laganja Estranja!


Photographer Scotty Kirby takes his talent to new a new HIGH with Laganja Estranja & Gia Gunn!

Recently Los Angeles and Arizona-based photographer Scotty Kirby, captured some simply stunning images of Laganja Estranja and her Team Too Much sister Gia Gunn. Scotty was nice enough to provide an exclusive image of ganj to Lets’s Get Sickening! Find out all about this star on the rise!