Laganja Estranja Gave Me LIFE – Literally!



“I know this will sound crazy but Laganja Estranja helped me recover from my meth addiction and she doesn’t even know it.” – Anonymous

Laganja has impacted so many peoples’ lives. From the caring attention she pays to the admirers she calls her “Buds,” to her open sharing of her struggles with alcohol and drugs and her subsequent recovery. This phoenix has given LIFE to so many fans struggling with one challenge or another.

At Let’s Get Sickening a lot the buds write in through social media to discuss Jay and how he has helped them through a rough spot. So many conversations begin with “Don’t tell Laganja this but…”

The author of this story gave me permission to publish it anonymously. Jay doesn’t know this story but he will now, as will you all…

“My mother was an alcoholic, my father was an alcoholic. Both addicts. I speak to neither of them. I haven’t spoken to my father in over eight years.

“Growing up around two alcoholics didn’t put me off drinking alcohol. I started drinking when I was 14 or so, but I had a healthy respect for it. I knew when enough was enough and had control to say no, even when I was drunk.

“Drugs, on the other hand, well – that’s a different story. One drug in particular dominated my life for almost two years and almost killed me:  Methamphetamine or “Meth” for short.

“The high was so good that the pain I was feeling because of disconnect from my parents, disconnect from society, from not knowing where I fit, it allowed me to escape from it. Something told me I that I didn’t think I was going to have a problem with it, that I was going to be able to control it like I could alcohol.

“For the first six months I was using it, I had it under control. But then I knew life was starting to get really complicated and difficult. Things kept happening to me. Why were these happening to me? Maybe because I was doing drugs every day.

“I didn’t want to admit that I was a drug addict. I remember walking around the club one night (after I had been using all day), walking up to the bar, one of the barmen turned and looked at me and he kinda looked at the other barman and he said “is that guy high?” That was the first time that I really knew that I had gone too far. It was time to stop.

Laganja Estranja tall redhead

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“And that is when Laganja enters the story. As I was starting to go through my “Meth Hangover,” (withdrawal symptoms as I got sober) RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 was starting. “OH Y’ALL WANTED A TWIST, EH? WELL C’MON SEASON 6, LET’S GET SICKENINGGGGGGGGGGG! YAAAAAAAAAAAS!”

“I instantly fell in love with Laganja Estranja. Her wacky and crazy drag persona had me giggling and distracted me from my troubles. Her dancing and performance videos on YouTube had me in awe.

“Laganja Estranja wasn’t the most popular queen. But this helped me because it gave me something to focus on – to defend my queen, my favorite, my ultimate. Death dropping, stropping standout Laganja Estranja! What she had probably wasn’t quite what the show was asking for at the time, but for a queen who never stopped performing, Laganja Estranja is easily my all time favorite. And always will be.

“After a few very rocky post – Drag Race months Laganja opened up about her pain. How the experience of being ripped apart – on a daily basis – by social media led her to anxiety and subsequent alcohol and drug abuse.

“My heart broke for her. I understood what she was going through when it came to substance abuse. For addicts/substance abusers like Laganja and I, we get called back to it all the time. We recall it every day. We have to recall EVERYTHING though. If we just recall some of the stuff… we’re in trouble…”

“Real isn’t how you are made; it’s a thing that happens to you.” – The Velveteen Rabbit

Jay has been sober from alcohol and recreational drugs for almost ten months now.  He uses marijuana as a legal prescription medication to treat his pain and anxiety. Jay has an upcoming You Tube series on the benefits of medical marijuana.

The author has been clean for over two years and has a nice job and a nice life. And remains a devoted fan of RuPauls Drag Race and Laganja Estranja.

Check out my groundbreaking interview with Laganja on And below watch highlights of the other interview that turned it all – Laganja’s legendary appearance on Hey Qween.

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